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The beauty of a second

This clever promotion owes its success to meaningful content marketing that is far from second-rate

One hundred and ninety years ago, Nicolas Rieussec captured something that would come to define many of the most important experiences in our lives. He managed to accurately record time to a second.

Watchmaker Montblanc has paired with renowned film director Wim Wenders to launch an initiative celebrating and honouring the second. They put out the call for everyone – amateurs, professionals, iPhone camera aficionados and more – to capture a second-long film of a moment they considered beautiful. The results are then to be compiled into a short movie – and if the first installment is anything to go by, it will be make you a little bit giddy to be alive.

It’s not only a brilliant exercise in meaningful content marketing, but also a timely (pun intended) reminder of just how much can change in a second, and how much a second can change your life:


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