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The best content apps

Three apps that make it easier to organise your content

These days, a ring-bind folder and a shoebox just don’t cut it anymore. We have folders in our inboxes, folders within folders on our desktops, even folders on our iPhones as we struggle to organise our content – and ourselves – to meet the challenges inherent in this increasingly info-heavy world.

So in the spirit of public service, The Message has been trawling cyberspace to find the top three organisation apps. So rather than drowning under a wave of content coming at you from every direction, you’ll be streamlined and frazzle-free in no time at all. (Unless, of course, you lose your iPhone. Then you’re screwed.)


Oh, now this is sweet. Anyone who has ever tried to buy a house, a car, or even given their phone number to a potential suitor will know the tedium and frustration of having to try to avoid those unwanted ‘follow-up’ calls. They usually go a little something like this:

Caller: ‘Were you interested in the house/car/sex* I offered you earlier?’

You: ‘No, not really…’

Caller: ‘Would it change things if I lowered the price/threw in a car stereo/dressed up as a sailor*?’

You: ‘No…’

It would be fine if that were the last you heard from the caller. Sadly, though, it’s the follow-up and the follow-ups after the follow-up, followed by the ‘have you changed your mind yet?’ call that really start to grate.

RingShuffle is the perfect antidote to this. The free app uses cloud-based phone software to link a different, temporary phone number to your existing one. The new number immediately redirects to your phone, which means you give it out and for seven days (or longer or shorter, depending on your needs) you’ll receive all calls made to that number. After that time period the number becomes inactive and you can wave goodbye to painfully persistent calls.

* Delete as applicable

Tax Organizer

If you turn into a frenzied hobo at tax time, fishing through shoeboxes and bins as you attempt to locate receipts or mentally catalogue how many times you paid tolls on the way to work, this app is for you. Not only is it like a mobile accounting program, but it also allows you to enter receipts directly into the program via your phone’s camera.


If you thought going paperless with your bank accounts and bills was a step in the right direction, you’re going to love this app that lets you combine bank accounts, eBay, bills and subscriptions all on one program. Not only can you do everything from the one app, but it also keeps a record of what and where you are spending.

For those worried about what this means for security, the app has a 128-bit SSL encryption and can be remotely disabled should you ever lose your iPhone.



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