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When it comes to viral content of the worst kind, you need a good meme to make it better…

Every now and again, a song comes along that is truly traumatising to the eardrums. It happened last year with Rebecca Black�s abomination (we dare not write the name of the song lest it become stuck in your head for another week) and, further back in history, it happened with Hanson�s Mmmm Bop, a song with one of the most mindless titles in history.

Just recently, however, it�s happened again � leaving devastation in its wake worldwide. From the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the shopping malls of Middle America, Carly Rae Jepson�s (don�t even get us started on singers with �Rae� as their middle name) hit single Call Me Maybe is worming its way into people�s consciousness.

Since a problem shared is a problem halved, here�s the original for those of you previously lucky enough to escape hearing it:

Joking aside, fair play to the Canadian-born singer� with almost 180 million hits on YouTube, she�s achieved an incredible amount of fame in a very short time. Unfortunately for us, it�s with an incredibly annoying song.

Every cloud has a silver lining, however, and in this case, it�s the fact that a meteoric rise like Jepson�s brings with it a hoard of funny memes to ease the pain.

This one is our favourites, starring none other than Sesame Street�s Cookie Monster:

So go on� share it, maybe?


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