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The dying kangaroo?

At a time of falling profits and job losses, Qantas’ content marketing strategy is again backfiring

Yesterday, Qantas announced an 83 per cent fall in profit compare to the same period last year. The news even made The Wall Street Journal, with the massive downgrade largely due to the grounding of all Qantas planes towards the end of last year.

As a result, Qantas has announced the loss of some 500 jobs, with thousands more under review. These are clearly worrying times for the Australian airline – and its workforce.

When the industrial action that led Qantas to grounding its fleet took place, the airline was widely criticised through online and social media content for its ‘poor’ handling of the situation. Its response was to hire a full time social media team who may have a won a small victory for the airline at much the same time as its poor fiscal news was announced.

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘a satirical Twitter account masquerading as part of the Qantas PR team has been suspended at the airline’s request’, claiming it was ‘misleading to the true identity of Qantas and breached trademark legislation’.

Again, social media content consumers have been less than impressed with the airline’s response, tweeting comments including ‘Shutting down @QantasPR just really drives home they’ve got no clue’ and ‘Wow @QantasAirways really doesn’t know how to laugh at itself at all does it?’

Which just goes to show that in the content marketing world, having the content alone isn’t enough. It is how you use that content to engage with customers that is crucial.


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