The Impact Digital Readiness can have on Your Career

For organisations, money solves lots of problems. Glittering office blocks, sumptuous ad campaigns and offices dotted around the world are testament to that.

Digital Change AgentsBut there�s one problem money doesn�t solve, and that�s lack of intent. Without the will or incentive to evolve, invariably very little changes. Even if it needs to.

Sure, there may be some tinkering around the edges but that�s about it. If you want to place a bet, back the status quo every time.

This is why the digital marketing preparedness of many organisations lags so badly.

It�s understandable in many ways. Successful businesses often take decades to�build processes, service/product offerings and of course a customer base. Most of which was achieved before or without the internet.

The only complicating thing is that while you and your competitors may not have changed the rest of the world has.

Of course you know about the digital revolution; you�re part of it for goodness sake! You live on email, post and comment on Facebook regularly and you have a symbiotic relationship with your mobile phone. You have adopted and adapted.

Now it�s your company�s turn to have strategic digital connectedness as a fundamental part of its DNA.

Easier said than done; if it was easy everyone would be doing it. It�s possible though and the supporting evidence for doing so is overwhelming.

Your opportunity, perhaps the biggest one of your career, is to help to transition your organisation to one of digital readiness. To ensure that data is captured, organised and utilised to better serve and sell to your customers. To ensure that every marketing campaign has digital interactivity as a central component and that it integrates with all other promotional elements. To ensure that senior management understands why digital is so important to the future of the organisation and is not something to ignore or pay lip service to on a PowerPoint slide.


Imagine looking back in five years� time as the person who fundamentally changed your organisation by transitioning it to being digital ready and active. It would look pretty good on your CV, wouldn�t it?

Sure there are many people �doing� digital within organisations but, through no fault of their own it�s usually being done as an add-on.

If you are ambitious, being at the forefront of the digital evolution is the place to be.


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