The infamy game

Using social media content to connect with friends. Priceless. Using social media content to boast about a crime. Soooo stupid�

The desire to be �YouTube Famous� is a strong driver in young people these days. So strong, in fact, that apparently it overrides commonsense and the desire to remain un-incarcerated.

Meet Hannah Sabata, a 19-year-old US woman who will hopefully remain in jail for the majority of her child-bearing years, lest she contribute her questionable intelligence to the gene pool. Hannah�s day started off successfully enough (depending on how you view success) when she managed to steal a car and rob a bank.

After returning home, however, her perfect crime seemed just a little too perfect not to share, so share she did. On YouTube. With 26,000 of her closest acquaintances.

Now that criminals are officially stupid enough to record video confessions of their crimes mere hours after committing them, maybe we should take some patrols off the streets and put the money into education to stop the pattern repeating itself…


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