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The Internet of Things

The Internet is changing – and content creators need to be prepared


 The term ‘the Internet of things’ has been around for a while now – since 1999, to be precise – but is only really in the mobile and social media age that it has taken on real significance.

Once upon a time, the Net was a means of transferring large amounts of content across the world. Increasingly, though, it is about connectivity – specifically, the connectivity created by millions of devices like Smartphones and tablets and more, and how that is changing the behaviour of people and our life-enhancing (and life-enabling) tools.


But as this report from the BBC explains, ‘the Internet of things’ puts even more onus on content creators – be they individuals or brands – to ensure that the end user (or customer) is not inundated with information that they simply do not want to receive.


In many ways, this development confirms the findings of last year’s exclusive Tick Yes survey, which revealed that 55 per cent of people would ‘unfollow’ a brand if it posted too much content and 56 per cent would unfollow if they found the content boring. Creating content is already a specialist proposition – and ‘the Internet of things’ is only going to make it more of one.




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