The money or your life

Does every content creator have a price? � � � � � � � ��

Here�s an issue many content creators will be able to relate to. You�ve written something or recorded it or filmed it or photographed it. You�ve sweated over every syllable, every note, every frame, every angle. You�ve dreamt about it, lived it and, finally, put it �out there��

For some, such a labour of love has its own rewards � simply knowing you�ve done it to the best of your ability is enough. For others, the payoff comes in knowing others have seen it (which is why the Internet and social media is such a boon for content creators).

For others, though, a new problem emerges: money. Someone likes what you�ve done so much that they want to do something else with it � and they�ll pay you (a lot of money in some cases) for the privilege.

Here�s Alan Moore, the visionary behind Watchmen and V for Vendetta, talking (amongst other things) about �selling out� to Hollywood and how the film versions of his graphic novels may have been nice from a financial point of view, but ended up corrupting his vision and left him grappling with notions of personal integrity.

Which begs the question: what would you do if someone wanted to turn your agonised-over content (or even your�life story) into �something big� but you had to give up creative control in return? Would you take the money, or hang on to your life�s work? It may make you rich, but as the Australian-born creator of Mary Poppins, P.L. Tavers, found, money clearly isn’t everything.

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