The next big thing?

Lookout Facebook, there�s a new social network in town � and this one�s multilingual

These guys could be on to something. Themultilife is a self-proclaimed �social network for all languages�. Which when you think about it, is exactly what a social network should be � a global community that isn�t held back by language constraints.

All you have to do is post something in your native tongue and it automatically gets translated into the chosen language of your friend/s. It�s one of those simple ideas that, in a stroke, take a concept like social media and advance it exponentially. Here�s how it works�

Better yet, the brand slogan is that �Themultilife is for EVERYONE!� � even for the blind. As the network�s website puts it: � believes that those who are deprived from the gift of sight should be able to share thoughts with other people from all around the world. Themultilife speaks every translated sentence out, so everybody, and with everybody we mean everybody in the true sense of the word, will be able to use it.�

It�s a laudable ambition and one that gets to the heart of what being social is all about. We�re betting that Themultilife could transform interaction on a global, pan-language scale. Well, either that or Facebook�s next iteration will feature an instant translate/speak service that looks remarkable similar�


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