The post office of the future

Australia Post�s �Digital MailBox� could revolutionise online content organisation

The post office of the future may already be with us. Yesterday, Australia Post launched free digital mailboxes for all Australians to store, manage and view the likes of bank statements and bills, plus a personal digital vault that can archive important personal documents.

According to an Australia Post spokesperson, these mailboxes differ from a standard email account because they are �more secure� and have been designed as �a personal management system for everything from birth certificates to bills�.

Australia Post has recognised that more and more people are living � and organising � their lives online and have taken the commendably proactive step of ensuring it has a future in the digital world. Through the mailboxes, �consumers can connect with their service providers � such as banks, utilities and government agencies � and receive statements and bills, set reminders and make payments online from any computer or mobile device�.

In addition, the company recognises the extent to which Australians are now using the Internet to shop (which is more than can be said for retailers like David Jones) and has responded to it by announcing that it will open 30 new �superstores�, complete with 24/7 access, vending machines, parcel lockers and self-service terminals.

Australia Post CEO, Ahmed Fahour, has said: �With our parcel volumes growing a staggering 13 per cent since July last year due to online shopping, our superstores are where people�s physical lives will connect with their digital lives.�


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