Personalised Content: The Best Way to Engage with Customers

With the incessant growth of digital communications, newspapers and other publishers have been forced to come up with new ways to tell stories.

Companies that are not in the publishing business, but use content as a part of their marketing strategy can learn a lot from these emerging storytelling tactics.

When it comes to personalised content, gamification is king. The more you can learn programmatically � primarily using data for better targeting – about your customer or audience member, the more personalised your content will be.

Here are some actionable tips on how you can incorporate personalised content into your content marketing strategy:

Quizzes Drive Content

Digital publisher Buzzfeed is famous for creating content based on user feedback. They collect feedback from visitors to their pages via a customised quiz and then release content based on the results. For example, they just released an �Add Yours� quiz calling all readers to add their favourite celebrity cookbook to their survey. Later, they�ll release a round-up of the top answers submitted.

This content is personalised to a group of your audience members, and is effective for two reasons:

  1. It allows you to know that your content is of interest � the rationale being if people complete your survey, they�re interested in the topic
  2. It�s user curated and your audience feels like they are taking part in your content.

Consider doing a survey round-up of a product, hobby or service that your audience might be interested in to drive a bit more engagement with your pages.

Story based on Personal Info

Another way to create personalised content is to sort your content by certain parameters that pertain to your customer. For example, this article from the BBC explains the changes that have happened to the planet during your personal lifetime.

While this type of content is still personal, the reader does all the customisation work as it’s self-selecting. The content is segmented and personalised, but is easy to create because it�s still general when being created.

Consider segmenting the history of your company, campaign preferences based on age, or maybe interests as another angle for your next content release.

Gamified Conversion Funnel

Finally, when it comes to getting your content to convert, the best way you can do so is to gamify the process. When people feel like brands really want to get to know them, they�re more likely to provide them with information about themselves.

For example, the clothing services Bombfell and Trunk Club have long conversion funnels, but they�re getting as much information as they can from their customers so they can better style for them.

Plus, the conversion funnel is fun. Customers get to pick styles, brands and clothing items that they think help define them.

The bottom line: personalised content boosts engagement with your audience, and makes them more mindful when they interact with your brand.

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