The truth shall set you free

Online content lets marketers tell the truth. But are they brave enough to do that?

In marketing � in fact, in the entire media industry � much of what people do is smoke and mirrors. But there�s a shift afoot. What if � drum roll, please � they just told� the truth?

Hear that? That�s the sound of us being laughed out of marketing land.

But whether the residents of said marketing land like it or not, social media and online content has brought the marketing and advertising industry into a far more truthful light. Consumer reviews, Facebook brand pages and an ever-increasing and almighty army of truth-telling bloggers are contributing to marketers and advertisers being held accountable for what we say.

Talking to a consumer � and, importantly, having a consumer talk back � makes it far harder to tell porkies. It�s kind of like trying to boast about your achievements with your big brother in the room. Stray too far from the truth and he�ll interject with a hearty �BullS**T!� and you�ll look like a bit of a tool in front of your friends.

Conversely, it will make you more determined to go out and prove him wrong by achieving the things you�d been boasting about earlier. And so social media and engagement with consumers helps brands walk the talk. Being able to listen and to change when a customer picks up on the strong smell of bovine manure should be looked on as an opportunity rather than a hindrance by marketers. And while there�ll always be spin, social media allows for the injection of some serious substance to back it up.

So in the vein of honest advertising, we�d like to share with you some brilliant and hilarious artwork from Viktor Hertz, a freelance graphic designer from Sweden.

Why? Because it fits with the message of The Message that if you can create engaging, intelligent content that makes people laugh or think or that challenges them, and wrap it up in a package they already understand and relate to � like a magazine � then you stand a very good chance of keeping them coming back for more.

If anything, this will probably boost traffic to YouTube�









We all know this is bang on the money�









And our favourite�








To check out more of Viktor�s �honest logos� head here. The truth, it seems, is out there in more ways than one�


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