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Tintin cover sells for record-breaking $1.5 million

Proving yet again that content really does have the ability to engage people (and even make money), a rare 1932 cover drawing of a Tintin comic book has sold for �1.3 million at auction in Paris.

Drawn in Indian ink and gouache by Tintin creator Georges Remi (better known as Herg�), the cover of Tintin in America is one of only five such works in existence. It was sold to a private collector.

The Message has commented before on the ephemeral nature of social media and online content, and it�s hard to imagine a news report such as this being produced in 80 years about today�s digital content.

But just because content � like many things � is viewed as being largely disposable doesn�t lessen its value, it simply changes its purposes. So rather than being something to keep, unchanged, it needs to evolve to maximise engagement � and to be able to do that as quickly as possible.

Unlike Herg�, content producers no longer have the luxury of time to increase the value of their work. It is those who can generate that instant engagement that will prosper in the social media age.


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