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More proof that social media is changing the content game

It has been a while since we caught you up on the latest trends in viral content, so allow us to share what so many are sharing…

Noni Hazelhurst Reading Go The F**k To Sleep

A while back, Adam Mansbach’s faux children’s book, Go The F**k To Sleep became a viral hit after he wrote it as a bit of a vent. Parents around the world took up the book with glee, relieved that someone had finally said what they themselves had muttered internally on many a frustrating night.
As it was passed from parent to parent in PDF form, it caught the attention of a publisher, and was soon on its way to becoming a real (beautifully illustrated) book. It’s now available in stores – and in a perfect viral marketing stunt by Text Publishing, Noni Hazelhurst has allowed herself to be filmed reading the book live.
In a video that will take you back to your Play School years, albeit with a very different twist, Noni’s reading revives the initial hype the book created. Here it is…

Rebecca Black 2.0

Ok, so it’s not viral content yet, but Rebecca Black definitely deserves an honourable mention for her second music video release, after the overwhelming and baffling viral success of her hit single ‘Friday’ back in March. Rebecca holds the title for the #1 trending topic on Twitter in 2011 to date – and despite the fact that much of the discussion was hardly positive, it seems Rebecca (or more accurately, those who are attempting to turn her viral success into money) follows the maxim that any press is good press. Regardless, here’s a look at her next offering…

Harry Potter memes

With the release of the final film in the Harry Potter franchise, it was inevitable that the memes would start rolling in thick and fast. It seems someone has taken it to the next level, however, and combined Potter-mania with the enduring popularity of cats doing funny things. Here is the entire story of Harry Potter, told by cats. Hmm.…


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