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Syndicating online content is content marketing gold

It’s always good to be able to practise what you preach. Through The Message, Tick Content has established an online magazine designed to establish a voice and deliver engaging, relevant content to our target audience. It is exactly the kind of thing we can do for clients.

But saying something and getting it heard can be two completely different things. Which is why we have also been known to talk about the importance of syndication. Thanks to the diverse and ever-growing number of social media channels now available, syndicating online content is easier than ever before. However, that’s not to say other outlets should be ignored, with traditional publishing being one of them.

Of course, newsstand magazines now also have an online presence by which they can syndicate their own content, and Tick Content now appears in the online version of Marketing magazine. The recent � and popular � Message article about the 1% Rule� is our debut offering, and we look forward to having many more over the coming weeks.


The Message is brought to you byTick Yes� providing solutions for all your digital and content marketing needs.

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