Tumbling to the top

Is �Tumblr� about to eclipse �blog� in Google content popularity?

For some years now, Tumblr has been quietly gaining popularity with hipsters and Internet-minded folks. (Of course, it always starts with the hipsters and the Internet-minded folks, and like many other platforms before it, Tumblr has, in more recent times, skyrocketed to the top of the popularity list.

Anyone interested in online content creation knows that Google is the unequivocal master of popularity � deciding what�s hot (or what�s highly ranked, anyway) and what�s not. It may rule with an iron � if brightly and variously coloured � first, but once it recognises a platform that�s succeeding, there�s no arguing with the decision.

It was popular web comic artist Randall Munroe who first predicted in a clever little illustration that in the coming months, the word �Tumblr� is set to replace the word �blog� in Google searches:

Similar to the way �band-aid� has virtually eliminated �plaster� from the Aussie lexicon and �Shane Warne� has just about replaced the word �bogan�, it seems that Tumblr is now so synonymous with what the masses are starting to think a blog should be that we�re on the verge of dropping the latter entirely from our search engines.

While this may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, it indicates an underlying brand preference from a global public that is blogging (tumbling?) more than ever.


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