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Twitter is eight today. Even though it doesn�t sound like much, the microblogging platform is only two years younger than Facebook � a veteran among social networks.

The people at Twitter HQ see it as their mission to �give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers�. Most would however probably agree that Twitter presents its users with one of the most well known social media related barriers of them all; the 140 character limit.

It�s an interesting thing, the 140 character limit. As a Twitter user you may have wondered why there�s a limit to start with. It keeps people from going on and on about stuff no one cares about, forcing users to keep information short and concise. The most plausible reason, however is that a 140 character limit prevents tweets sent to a cell phone to be split into two SMS. The limit was quickly accepted by millions and nowadays about a quarter of a million monthly active users send half a billion tweets each day.

Maybe the limit makes things more challenging and fun, or perhaps it makes the medium more quick and easy-going. Twitter�s role as a broadcasting platform has become apparent for a number of its users; businesses and individuals alike. As it often doubles as an RSS feed, it provides a golden opportunity for users to share content design of their own or others.

So now the little blue bird is an adult and is expected to keep tweeting for many years to come. If you can remember your first tweet, then please share it with us. If you can�t however, then Twitter can help you find it, or anyone�s first tweet for that matter, right here.


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