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Twitter Fever, Who is the Most Followed?

Twitter is undeniably one of the most popular social media sites today. While Facebook has been in the business much longer and may have more users than its rival, the fact is that the Twitter age has already begun and neither you nor Facebook can do anything about it.


Aside from being able to tap the demographic of immortals—that is celebrities, politicians and geniuses (Bill Gates?)—Twitter has also proven to be helping a brand grow faster than any other social media site. In a study made by Optimal, an analytics and social media marketing agency, big brands on social networking sites gain more growth on Twitter than its rival site—around 55% more. This alone shows you why you and your brand should join the Twitter fever.

Also, the social networking site has been a go to source of the latest in almost everything—latest news, latest trends and even latest rumors. With all these being said, Twitter seems to be a great inclusion into any brand’s digital marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, simply following these people could do wonders for your brand.

Barack Obama (@BarackObama)

The President of the United States of America is worthy to be followed, not only for his authority but for updates on what he’s been up to. With over 34.9 million followers, Mr. Obama is the fourth most followed account on Twitter.

Aside from using it for his election campaigns, the account has also been a site for the president to promote legislation, policies or to just hand around. And while most of the tweets posted on the account are from his staff, Obama also sends out a few personal ones. “Tweets from the President are signed –bo,” the account’s bio noted.

Twitter (@Twitter)

While we’re at it, you may want to follow Twitter’s account. The account keeps followers in-step with the newest updates and changes on the site, as well as news outside the Twitter realm. It even gives you tips on how to optimise the use of the site.

Twitter has over 22 million followers on its site and is the 11th most followed account.

Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah)

Remember those days when Oprah was the best show on TV? When Oprah was the source of entertainment, information and free stuff? Well, The Oprah Winfrey Show may have ended (after 25 seasons!) but it doesn’t mean she has stopped letting us know what the best of the best in everything is. Aside from the O Magazine, Oprah’s Twitter account has been an online platform for her to inspire, challenge, inform and explore with her more than 20 million followers, the 16th most on Twitter.

CNN Breaking News (@CNNbrk)

CNN has always been the most reliable source of news and information, now it brings its updates to Twitter. Aside from a number of other handles that tackle specific sections, like @CNN, @CrossfireCNN, @AC360 and @CNNSitRoom, CNN Breaking News sends out updates on headlining news straight from the CNN.com homepage. Be among its 12.6 million (35th most) followers and be in-the-know on the latest in news around the world.


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