Video killed the CD cover

Musicians are discovering the benefit of viral content � in the form of music videos � in the digital world

It used to be that buying the album of your latest band crush was a physical and giddy ritual. Not only did you have to leave the house (heaven forbid!), but for your troubles you were rewarded with a tangible, pleasantly symmetrical CD, to have and to hold forever and ever.

A real part of this magic � at least for a lot of people � was examining the album artwork that came with your new CD. Many a heated discussion has been had over the merits (or lack thereof) of a band�s album art, and the process of carefully extracting the booklet from the front cover of a new album and examining the visual representation of the music you love so much was once as vital a part of the experience as listening to the damn thing for the first time.

These days, as we all know, album art is relegated mostly to pixels on a screen, as we download the albums we want straight onto our laptops and iPods, meaning stores full of lonely reflective disks are becoming obsolete faster than the latest season of Farmer Wants a Wife.

How visual content creates online success

The hunger for visuals hasn�t abated, however, and therefore music videos are becoming more and more important to the success of a track.

Gotye�s �Somebody That I Used To Know� video is a prime example of a song that�s success was turbo-charged by an excellent and viral video. With over 19 million views on YouTube, it�s fair to say that it wasn�t just the G-man�s dulcet tones that grabbed people�s attention!

The latest video to be screeching towards viral status is one by little-known Aussie band Hey Geronimo. While the group�s music is yet to touch millions (all in good time, however � they�re not bad to listen to), the video for their new single Why Don�t We Do Something? has made much more of a splash by utilising smartphone memes made popular by the success of games like Angry Birds and Plants Vs. Zombies.

The video features the band re-enacting live smartphone games and is already pushing 200,000 views � proof that finding something relatable to sell great content is often the only push you need�


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