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How to improve your search ranking with video content

It�s no secret that engaging video content is a great way to connect with consumers� just ask Paris Hilton! Lately, however, brands seem to be jumping on the video bandwagon with gusto, with more and more businesses realising the potential of this medium for getting their message across.

Perhaps it�s the ever-increasing amount of online content that has forced this shift, with brands needing to create more stimulating, attention-grabbing content in order to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps it is also a case of the tools to create and share such content being more readily available. In any case, video content is becoming more and more popular, and here are three reasons why it�s here to stay:

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is still relatively new, but still looks set to have a sizeable impact on the world of content creation and sharing. As with any change Facebook makes, there is a huge knock-on effect for the way we consume content, and therefore for the way we make it as well.

The Timeline layout is a lot more visual than Facebook�s previous incarnations, which means video and images will stand out a lot more. Also, the �share� function (although not technically part of the Timeline rollout) has further highlighted the need for more engaging visual content


Lest we forget, people, Google didn�t acquire YouTube all those years ago for nothing. Since the acquisition in 2006, video has played an increasingly important role in search. Because there is substantially less competition in the world of video content (at least for now), there is a real opportunity for brands to move up the Google rankings with their videos.


Everyone with a smart phone has the inbuilt capacity to be a filmmaker, editor and publisher all at the same time. The mystery of movie-making is fast unravelling, and with more and more user-generated content being incorporated into online strategies, the rise of smartphone use is only more good news for anyone who wants to produce video content.


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