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Watching Venus

Content creators are making sure that a transit of Venus is for life, not just a couple of times a century

Tomorrow marks the last transit of Venus across the face of the sun until 2117. Which means, for most of us, it’s now or never in terms of seeing this astronomical phenomenon.

Of course, ‘seeing’ it is easier said than done. For one thing, staring directly at the sun is a big no-no. For another, as this NASA graphic shows, the transit will only be completely visible from certain places on Earth.

Australia is one them (or about half the continent from Adelaide eastwards), but as the weather isn’t meant to be entirely favourable during the transit period, actual physical sightings may be impossible.

Thank the heavens, then, for online and social media content. Not only is YouTube awash with clips from the 2004 transit (most of them narrated by a suitably gravelly voice), but content creating boffins have already been able to simulate tomorrow’s event.

So if you’ve ever wanted to peer into the future and see a twice-in-a-century phenomenon at the same time, here it is…


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