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Westfield’s content marketing success strategy explained � in two minutes 39 seconds

The Olympics are well underway in London, and while there have been mutterings about empty seats (and about Australia�s relative lack of success to date), the signs are that, generally speaking, the events centred on Stratford in the east of the city are more than meeting expectations.

Stratford is also the location of Westfield Stratford City. Owned by Australia�s Westfield Group, it is one of the biggest (and, thanks to using PaveGen floor tiling to harness kinetic energy, certainly one of the most eco-friendly) urban shopping centres in Europe.

Building it at the height of the global financial crisis in a country hit particularly hard by the economic downturn was no mean feat. Marketing it to tenants and customers alike was even more challenging. And the fact that Westfield was able to do that was purely down to content marketing.

Here, Myf Ryan, General Manager of Marketing for Westfield UK, tells the 2011 International Content Marketing Summit how they did it. It is a fantastic explanation of the purpose, value and ROI of content marketing and, as such, should be required viewing for all brands and businesses.

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