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What is it about Pinterest?

The Message predicted Pinterest would be the next big thing for online and social media content. Now everyone else is catching on…

Back in May, when Pinterest was just a speck of dust in the online pond, we wrote a piece touting it as the next big thing in online inspiration.

Fast-forward eight months and you can’t read a social media blog without tripping over at least three articles about its meteoric rise. So either Pinterest has hired the PR equivalent of the bed bug infestation currently sweeping the US, or it really is ‘the Next Big Thing’.

Let’s look at some of the stats…

  • According to lemon.ly, a visual data company, Pinterest hit 10 million US unique monthly users faster than any independent site. Ever.
  • Also according to lemon.ly, over 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women. This makes it marketing gold, with women aged 24-35 sitting in the ultimate target market for… well, most things.
  • According to Mashable, Pinterest has already had a huge impact on the world of web design, with more and more designers optimising their sites to support ‘pinning’.
  • According to Shareaholic, Pinterest refers more retail traffic than Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.
  • According to Mashable, Pinterest is the online equivalent of the second coming of Christ, sent to redeem all of our social sins and change the face of the world forever*.

Are you on Pinterest? Do you want an invite? Are you buying into the hype?

*Note: Mashable may not have actually referred to Pinterest as the second coming of Christ, but judging by the number of articles it publishes about the site, we’re guessing the editor’s opinion isn’t far off that…


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