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What Kind of Digital User Are You?

Social media has indeed infiltrated quite a number of fields including the business industry. Apart from marketing and journalism, professionals from various fields have had to learn to adopt the social media culture or perish. It has become so influential that if you are not a user of any of its platforms, you seem to die a natural death and become totally irrelevant.


And yet there are many ways on how to become active in the digital marketing world. Each one has got his or her own style. But do they really? How different is your personal style from the other users of social media?

Perhaps the difference is not in its users but on the social media platforms that lend themselves to users like you and me. Every type of platform requires a person to use it in a certain way. Its exclusivity in terms of form has made it impossible to show individuality that does not drown in the common and ordinary. Although digital marketers use social media in so many different ways, there are four main categories that seem to identify one from the other.


The similarity in these social media campaigns might seem like the end all of everything but digital marketers are not losing hope. They know that content created will always make a difference and that is where the competition will soon lie. If you are scared that you might fall into the pitfalls of these digital marketing options, then be hopeful that you can still make a difference. At least, that’s what I’d like to believe. The power of social media is not in the style but in the content and in the details.

Are you the data whiz?

Are you so obsessed about the data that you collect and the data that you share that it has become impossible to hide anything from you? If you have more than twenty different social media accounts in various mobile devices or you look into the reports that the analytics provide, they you are definitely a data whiz.

Are you the online artist?

If you love to look at the graphics and imagine how they were created, then you definitely fall under this category. Perhaps your favourite social media platform is Pinterest. Continue sharing those graphics and other pictures online, and you’ll surely make a difference in the world.

Are you the next social media master?

If Facebook is your favourite social media site because it lends itself to you in so many flexible ways, then you might just be the next big digital marketer in Facebook. Start using the Hashtag feature and you’ll be surprised at how much readership you’ll be getting in about a week.

Do you want to be the next Beta master?

Being part of the mainstream is just so ordinary, If you are the more technical person who uses social media platforms to share your knowledge, then be the promoter of good content with very relevant details. Doing so will definitely put the power in your hands.


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