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When content is cash

Is it possible to live on mobile money?

From cave paintings to frescoes, manuscripts to books, film to online and social media, the means by which we receive our content has consistently evolved to meet society’s changing needs and, these days, demands. In many ways, apps are the latest – and, some would say, greatest, iteration of delivering content. There is, to paraphrase the successful marketing slogan, an app for almost everything – including money.

Yep, money has gone mobile. It always was, of course, but now you can carry your cash in the technological comfort of your smartphone, free from the chunk of change and the worry of misplacing a note or losing a credit card. Payment apps are becoming increasingly commonplace, but is it really possible to live on virtual money alone?

That’s what the BBC’s technology correspondent decided to find out, exploring everything from texting cash to someone else’s phone to paying for a cup of coffee. You can see how he got on here…

And what about you? Could you live in a world without cash?


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