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With Christmas fast approaching, online content can remind us of all the good out there…

The fact is, Big Brother IS watching us. We�re reminded daily that our actions are being monitored, but all too often that reminder is one that makes us feel worse about the society we�re a part of, not better. Whether it�s chilling video footage of a woman�s last movements before she disappeared, chaotic scenes of violence in the Middle East or the senseless rampaging of a rioting city, CCTV footage is, as a general rule, pretty darn grim.

Just yesterday, the security footage that captured Norwegian Anders Breivik�s bomb attack in Oslo was released, showing in chilling detail the moments before and after the van exploded, killing eight people and injuring dozens.

Yet it stands to reason that if the cameras can catch all the awful things that happen in the world, they must catch at least some of the wonderful things as well. It�s this logic that drove social good foundation Love Everybody to create the following video� moments of positivity, bravery and human connection caught on camera. It proves a nice antidote to the usual security footage we see�

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