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YouTube Good Work Campaign

In the online age, quality content is about much more than words alone

Hear the word ‘content’ and chances are it will conjure up a mental image or words, words and more words. But in the online and social media realms, content is about much more than that.

Consider how newspapers have evolved. A hundred years ago, it was rare to find any pictures in them. Then they moved to featuring grainy, black and white images, with colour shots only becoming commonplace in the last 25 years. Now, with every newspaper recognising the necessity of having a strong online presence, they complement and supplement stories with videos, music and anything else that will engage their readers.

Words remain important – central, even – but content shouldn’t simply be limited to them. We are, after all, living in an age when a social media channel dedicated to sharing videos is one of the hottest sites of all.

The rise and rise of YouTube is proof positive that consumers of online and mobile content expect more from the sites they are visiting. And it’s encouraging to see a social media site exhibiting a social conscience.

Social media content for the greater good

YouTube’s Good Work initiative aims to boost the collaborative efforts between social media and the broader community  with a competition marketed at ‘creatives’ who want to try their hand at creating a promotional video for a charitable organisation.

The competition is beautifully simple. If you’re a charitable organisation, you can upload a brief. If you’re a creative, you can access said briefs and upload a 60-second video. The top five videos will be selected and the creators will be flown to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where it will be showcased to industry heads.

Not only is this a brilliant way of getting excellent advertising for nonprofits with less than ideal budgets, but it is also a way for young creatives to showcase their talents and spread some goodwill in the world. A real win-win, in other words.

Entries close 9 May, 2011, with the winners announced on 21 May, 2011. For more details and terms and conditions check out the website!


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